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Data Recovery Pricing

The following information has been provided to give an indication of the pricing of Data Recovery Services by A-ONE IT Ltd, April 2015.

Prices and costs are only estimates and will be based on examination of the drive in our workshop.
However, it gives customers an indication of our reasonable priced Data Recovery Services.
Our quotes are no-quibble, clear and transparent with no obligation.
Data recovery starts from £60 (10% discount for students)
All Hard Drives are either cloned or imaged using state of the art systems, the imaged drive is then used to recover the data from.
Clean room services are £30 per hour, Heads swap (Head Swap) from £60 inc VAT
Have you have tried everything you can think of and even your local I.T. company cannot help, we may be able help without the expensive price tag.
(PC World KNOWHOW Specialist Data Recovery Lab £700 November 2013).

Research into Data Recovery Pricing and Costs

Data recovery from A-ONE IT represents a fundamental change in the process and costs normally associated with this time consuming process. Our recovery is far removed from the amatuer based Computer shop performing software based recovery on your disks, which can lead to no data being recovered, the data being corrupt and not usable. The secondary effect of this type of recovery can be physically destructive to the drive, meaning no data can ever be recovered. Many disks received by A-ONE IT have been so badly damaged by these amateur attempts that recovery may not be possible.
A-ONE IT delivers affordable data recovery to all customers by using techniques developed by research to only recover the customer's data from a drive and not recovering the system, program and non-essential files and folders. This has resulted in significant time savings to image a drive by around 50%, thereby passing these cost savings onto customers.
It is a myth that most drives need to be de-assembled or examined in a clean room. Only about 15% of drives received by A-ONE IT fall into this classification. However, these "15% of drives" can have mechanical damage and would require repairing to enable recovery of the data.
A-ONE IT offers free inspection of your drive and No Data No Fee.

Hard Disk Cost and Pricing (General Guide Only)

Disk Problem Cost
Computer or laptop broken Your computer or laptop has broken and you require simple data recovery from your hard drive £60-£109*
Logical Damaged Drives From £70* (upto 160GB sized drive)
The disk has been accidently formatted or a virus has attacked the partition From £70* (upto 160GB sized drive)
The disk has a hardware problem that requires specialist data recovery, for instance, bad blocks From £70* (upto160GB sized drive)
Disk has hardware fault
The disk appears to have completely failed, no power, no noise. This would require a "donor PCB" to investigate further Around 15% of disks fall into this category and most of these might require a new replacement PCB Board (this would be an additional charge)
Clean room inspection £30 - disk is opened up in clean room chamber.
PCB Adaptive rework around £90
Data Recovery From £70* (upto 160GB sized drive)
The disk emits knocking or clicking noises "click of death". This needs careful investigation as a faulty PCB may be culprit or possibly bad heads within the disk Around 15% of disks fall into this category and many of these could require a donor head swap and/or PCB donor. Possible disabling of one or more heads.
Mechanical Damage Repair - results are not guaranteed A disk requiring a full Head Set Assembly swap in clean room will cost £60 + cost of donor drive. Once a donor Head Swap has been performed it would be necessary to access the service area of the disk.
Scratched Platters - only diagnosed by clean room inspection. Recovery is highly unlikely.
A-ONEIT will quickly diagnose serious platter damage as part of the No Data no Fee terms and return disk without charge.
A damaged platter is very common on dropped drives. The damage can be small light scratces, to heavy scratches and or gouged concentric groves caused by the heads whilst the disks are rotating. These scratches can be in the service area which is located at the edge of a platter, making data recovery impossible.

Send Your Disk to:-
A-ONE IT Ltd, 48 Longlands Bank, Thongsbridge, Holmfirth, HD9 7HR.
Data Recovery payments can be made by using, direct payment (bank transfer), Paypal or credit/debit card.
All data is dealt with in a 100% confidential manner.

Customers are responsible for all postage charges.
Pricing from 1st April 2015 - price subject to change without prior notice.
Ensure your disk is carefully packaged in a well padded box and insured through Royal Mail Special Delivery.
Ensure you enclose details and contact information and include a memory stick if the information you require is quite small.
* Extra costs for donor hardware applicable.
* No DATA no FEE, free diagnosis
Postage is additional to our fees (£10.00 postage fee will be charged on all hard drives returned to customers).
Call 07771 761049 or 01484 681286

Professional Data Recovery - and we take care of your disk drive
If the drive is physically faulty we have facility to image drive and then we work on that imaged drive.
If you start to hear any unusual noises coming from your hard drive, do not delay in seeking professional advice.
If the drive is not physically damaged it does not require cloning, but the users data is imaged selectively.
If the data is a relatively small amount of data this is recovered immediately, whilst pre-imaged for data quality assurance.
Disks can fail at any time - even under the cloning process.
*** Prices are per single disk, results are not guaranteed. All data recovery work is undertaken strictly to our terms-and-conditions.asp
Ensure you enclose details and contact information and include a memory stick if the information you require is quite small