low cost disk data recovery
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Data Recovery Services - A-ONE IT- Nationwide Service

A-ONE IT has invested in the latest state of the art technology data recovery systems to bring affordable disk data recovery to all customers.
Based in West Yorkshire with clear straight forward fixed pricing of the Data Recovery Services on offer.
Our company works to the highest possible standard of work.

No Data No fee.
Clean room services.

Windows, Apple Mac, Unix and Linux disks recovered, in fact any disk.

Free diagnostic check of your drive for data recovery purposes only.
After you have provided me with your data disk media, I perform a first analysis. On this basis I will confirm to you a price; and you decide whether you want our company to perform data recovery. You can expect return of your files around 7 days from implementation of data recovery.

Prices from £99 (logical problems only)

All data recovery work is undertaken strictly to our terms-and-conditions.asp
100s of satisfied clients. All prices include VAT.

A-ONE IT provides affordable professional hard drive disk data recovery for the following drives:-
Desktop or Notebook drives - either 1.8", 2.5" or 3.5", memory cards, USB flash pen drives.

USB pen drivesdata recovery from £60 (10% discount for students)

Warning :- Please don't take your drive to your local Computer Techie Shop. They will not have the equipment to recover your data and ultimately will damage the drive by running "software only"; recovery for days. This will weaken heads and spread bad sectors and or result in the disk becoming non-recoverable.
Software only recovery often results in damaged Word or Excel files that won't open, pictures that have marks and stripes on them.

Professional Hard Disk Data Recovery Price From £120*

If you start to hear any unusual noises coming from your hard drive, do not delay in seeking professional advice.
All data is dealt with in a 100% confidential manner.
* Extra costs for donor hardware applicable, return postage £10.
* No DATA no FEE, free diagnosis
Compare our pricing to many of the franchise companies on the web charging £450+ and - e.g. PC World £700!.
Our pricing is from £120 including VAT
Clean room inspection of hard drive £35 including VAT.
Data recovered has to written to another media e.g. Flash Drive or external hard drive. Customer can provide media.
Postage is additional to our fees (£10.00 postage fee will be charged on all hard drives returned to customers).
Call 07771 761049 or 01484 681286